Welcome to the information highway in freight – The fertilizer transport experts – Mac Transco. When it comes to freight, one cannot skimp on the expertise of the companies you choose to work with, as the content is undoubtedly very valuable to your business. This is why Mac Transco has been associated with the largest international companies in South Africa regarding freight solutions. Why not trust 22 years of freight experience and expertise? Simply read on, or fully explore our engaging website to learn more specifics...

Yes, we are the forerunning fertilizer transport experts in South Africa, hauling an astonishing 1,000,000 tons of coal annually, as well as many other products across distances of 85, 000 kilometres each and every month. With such capabilities, and repertoire imagine how far we will go to meet your very important needs and requirements in your customised freight solutions.

Mac Transco is a revolutionary name in freight, and because we gauge the distance between future technology and old business ethics, we aim to please all our clientele by offering them a wide range of specialty services ranging from sophisticated freight solutions, to advanced storage options. A few of these offers include container depot, bulk transport, clearing at border posts, warehouse facilities, coal transport, industrial property development,  earth moving, road maintenance and long distance general transport, as well as the import and export of coal, tons of fertilizer, cement and maize, to list but a few.

Messina Associated Carriers (MAC) is truly the fertilizer transport experts.