Welcome to the information highway in freight – The fast transport professionals – Mac Transco.

When you are in an industry where the expansion of your business incorporates larger, heavier and further freight transportation requirements, remember that regardless of the nature of the products, Mac Transco is the forerunning name in freight. At Mac Transco, we can professionally offer state of the art facilities, dedicated staff, well maintained equipment and vehicles as well as over 2 decades of experience - All of this ensuring that you, our valuable client, get the best, fast transport solutions in South Africa and across borders that can be perfectly customised to cater to your exact fast transport requirements.

We will carefully and professionally meet every fast transport demand.

Mac Transco promises our clients functional, reliable as well as affordable businesses solutions to transport their valuable product, and we have the expertise to offer your company the best possible solution in fast transport. Today Mac Transco has become a name and logo synonymous with experience, expertise, quality, and resilience to challenges.

Mac Transco confidently transports more than 1,000,000 tons of coal annually, and this excludes all the other products. Furthermore, Mac Transco successfully travels land distances of 85, 000 kilometres monthly.

Some of the specialized fast transport services include, container depot facilities, warehouse facilities, bulk transport of any weight, clearing debris and materials at border posts, coal transport, earth moving services, industrial property development, long distance general transport, road maintenance, as well as the import and cross-border transport of tons of fertilizer, maize and cement, to list but a few…