Welcome to the information highway in freight – The premium coal import company – Mac Transco.

Does your company need mining freight solutions? Are you working within a budget? Well if this is the case, allow Mac Transco to formulate the best customised solution for your company within your decided budget...

Why Mac Transco, you are wondering? Well here are some more facts about the leading coal import company, Mac Transco:

We are proud to announce that we drive an excess of 85, 000 kilometres per month across our national and international road network in the rendering of our dedicated services to our important clients. Yes, that is an astonishing 1,020,000 kilometres a year, which calculates to a few times the earth’s circumference.

Our advanced services in international freight, is delivered through a highly-secured client infrastructure, from which we annually transport a net weight that exceeds the 1,000,000 tons of coal mark, all with our well maintained and modern fleet of trucks.

Apart from us being the leading coal import company, we also have extended our capabilities to the rendering of services that encompass:

·         The clearing of debris and materials at border posts;

·         Literally any bulk transport in any weight;

·         Long distance general transport;

·         Road maintenance;

·         Industrial property development;

·         Earth moving services; as well as

·         The import and export of tons of maize, fertilizer and cement;

·         All from many African countries;

·         To list but a few.

So why not insist on the brilliance of the country’s most sophisticated and reliable coal import company. Consider Mac Transco – Consider unadulterated freight excellence…