Need exceptional warehouse facilities? Think Mac Transco


Welcome to a major logistics company in South Africa and beyond - Mac Transco. Along with an extensive network of warehouse facilities and depots, our company vaunts with more than 250 combined years of proficiency in the transport, logistics and warehousing industries. With such an impressive statistic, why not click on our website link, for more interactive and assuring facts about our warehouse facilities and information on our extensive range of services and transport solutions?
Our services and warehouse facilities are designed to incorporate several facets of logistics, instead of just the normal scope of offerings, like road maintenance, bulk transport, industrial property development, earth moving, warehouse facilities, clearing at border posts, container depot, long distance general transport; and also the crucial import and export of coal, cement, maize, fertilizer, and much, much more.
Mac Transco has the capability, capacity and expertise to fulfill every last part of our clients’ requirements and most demanding needs. One example that bolsters our leading services, is the fact that the majority of our vehicles are not older than 3 years, and that our warehouses, workshops and equipment are well-kept and state-of-the-art.
Did you know that Mac Transco’s fleet travels over 85 000 kilometers each month of the year to deliver our clients valuable cargos?

Our Warehouse facilities and depot offer:

-          A well maintained helipad;

-          6,5 sq kilometer of warehouse facility with railway siding; and

-          Magnetite bunker at Grootegeluk Mine;

-          To mention but some.

So why not make the better choice when it comes to international logistics and warehousing – make the Mac Transco choice.