Need superior services in border post clearing? Connect with Mac Transco


Congratulations for clicking on the international name in logistics within South Africa - Mac Transco. We are the premium border post clearing company with an extensive list of container depots dotting the South African map. Mac Transco is a solid company with over 250 combined years of services and experience in the transport, logistics and warehousing industries, thus you can be assured that you can demand the level of logistics that will permanently impress our name into your company service provider archive. With such a promise, why not consider Mac Transco for your company’s border post clearing requirements.
Mac Transco has a well structured range of solutions to accommodate several facets of logistics, including road maintenance, bulk transport of virtually any material, industrial property development, earth moving, sufficient warehouse space to temporarily store customer products, coal, cement, maize, fertilizer, and of course border post clearing, long distance general transport as well as the import and export of all of the above, and so much more.
Some of our clients include reputable companies like Polokwane Bricks, Carnaud Metal Box, Divfoods and Brainwave projects, to mention but a few.
When you know that you require excellence in border post clearing, national road hauling services, massive storage requirements and many other services, why not click on our website link, and consider our international name for guaranteed excellence - Yes, Mac Transco can and will provide exceptional solutions at revolutionary prices. So make the better choice - make the Mac Transco choice.