Welcome to the information highway in freight – The global freight and mine materials handling experts in South Africa.

When it comes to the freight division of your business it is crucial that you drive a well-managed division that ensures a reliable and consistent delivery of all your precious materials to your important clientele. Alternatively, you should outsource this immense responsibility to a company that bases its day-to-day operations on a platform of more than 20 years solid experience in the freight industry. Yes Mac Transco is a name and logo synonymous with unfailing mine materials handling solutions to some of the largest mines in South Africa – Exxaro mine Thsikondeni and Exxaro Resources Grootegeluk Mine, with more than 320 clients receiving delivery.

Nevertheless, what makes Mac Transco so different from the other leading freight companies: Well, we drive a combined distance of 85, 000 kilometres each and every month that covers individual clientele distances ranging from 100 to 600km. Furthermore, we haul an incredible 1,000,000 tonnes of coal annually - Yes, that is twice the circumference of the earth - 24 hours a day, seven days per week transportation!

We specialise in bulk transport of any weight, container depot facilities, earth moving, bulk train transport, road maintenance, cement export and import, industrial property development, warehouse facilities, clearing debris and materials at border posts, long distance general transport, coal export and import, fertilizer import and export and of course mine materials handling and so much more.