Welcome to the information highway in freight – The global freight and mine material transporter in South Africa, with sophisticated container depot solutions – all in a revolutionary pricing structure.

Mac Transco is honoured to say that we successfully drive every annum more than 1,020,000 kilometres, which are more than 85,000 kilometres monthly – that is twice the circumference of the earth. Indeed, our well-maintained fleet of modern trucks travel between 100 to 600 kilometres for each customer - 24 hours a day, seven days per week!

Did you know that we offer container depot solutions and freight services to some of the largest mines in South Africa – Exxaro mine Thsikondeni and Exxaro Resources Grootegeluk Mine – which functions for more than 320 clients?

Facilities and container depot

-       Fully equipped workshops for truck maintenance, trailer rebuilding, tire fitting with underground diesel bunkers;

-       Helicopter landing pad;

-       A functional railway siding that makes possible the bulk material handling of 40 000 tons per month;

-       Six-thousand-five-hundred square meters of warehouse facility;

-       And more.

Yes, Mac Transco is honoured to be in the forerunning position to offer some of the following dependable and high level services: bulk transport of any weight, earth moving, road maintenance, long distance general transport, bulk train transport, cement export and import, warehouse facilities, container depot facilities, industrial property development, clearing debris and materials at border posts, coal export and import, fertilizer import and export and of course mine materials handling and so much more...