Welcome to the information highway in freight – The international freight and leaders in transporting of coal across Southern Africa – Mac Transco.

In search of revolutionary solutions in transporting of coal of any weight, across any distance? Well, Mac Transco is the better company to address these valuable and significant requirements for your expanding business. Yes, we have the advantage of more than 20 years of business expertise, which makes our name and logo relevant to several specific markets across various industries, giving us the capabilities to address your storage requirements more affordably and reliably.

We are proud to say that we are capable of handling and transporting of any size bulk within Southern Africa, and beyond our national borders. In fact, we have existing contracts with massive international companies that take our modernised fleet of trucks across distances from 100 to 600km, collectively driving over 85, 000 kilometres monthly – to put things in perspective, that is double the earth’s circumference – and all of this in professionally transporting coal to the weights of over 1,000,000 tonnes, annually.

In addition to this excellent level of transporting coal, we also operate noticeably well within many other areas of freight. Including: Depot containers, road maintenance, cross-border transport of fertilizer, long distance general transport, cement export and import, warehouse facilities, clearing debris and materials at border posts, bulk train transport, earth moving, coal export and also industrial property development to list but a few.