Welcome to the information highway in freight – The international freight and leaders in handling mine materials across Southern Africa – Mac Transco.

When you are searching for revolutionary solutions in freight, or more specifically, handling mine materials of any weight, across any distance, simply consider Mac Transco. We are honoured to have served South Africa for more than 20 years, and with this considerable gain in specific and market relevant expertise, we are your best option as a company that bases all activities upon excellent and extended customer services, with core functions that address your specific demands in handling mine materials reliably and more affordably. It is simply because we continually endeavour to deliver the highest level of business and client services in national and international freight to African countries that we continue to excel in all areas of service brilliance.

In mining, transporting and handling mine materials in South Africa and across national borders, we are the preferred bulk importer and exporter, with an ongoing client basis that takes our modernised fleet of trucks across distances from 100 to 600km, travelling over 85, 000 kilometres every month – that is double the circumference of the world – in delivering our important clientele’s products, on schedule, every time. Do you realise that we currently deliver over 1,000,000 tonnes of coal annually?

Furthermore, we operate well within the following industries: Container depot facilities, bulk train transport, earth moving, road maintenance, cement export and import, clearing debris and materials at border posts, long distance general transport, warehouse facilities, industrial property development, cross-border transport of fertilizer and of course, coal export and import and so much more...