Require quality services for maize export businesses Mac Transco



Welcome to the information highway in freight – The international freight and maize export and import leaders in South Africa.

Our company was founded on the vision of being a reliable supplier of dependable transportation services to many industries of business, mines and entrepreneurs. Today we are proud to mention that we cater in a revolutionary manner to our valuable clientele with a wide option in distinguished solutions to various industries across a variety of specialized areas, including bulk transport of any weight, including maize export, container depot facilities, industrial property development, cement export and import, warehouse facilities, earth moving, road maintenance, clearing debris and materials at border posts, long distance general transport, cross-border transport of fertilizer and of course, coal export and import, bulk train transport and so much more – So when you have maize export requirements, you can easily enjoy our well-priced services too - connect with the business brilliance of Mac Transco.

More about our maize import capabilities and core functions:

  • Cross-border services for many other materials and palletized goods, including maize import;
  • Bulk transport across various distances;
  • The handling of heavy materials at large mines;
  • To list but a few…

With over 20 years experience in the freight and cross border transportation industry, we have worked extensively towards building a grade of services as one of the largest providers of dependable and customer-centered road transportation in Southern Africa – and we have achieved our goals brilliantly, working with existing clientele across distances from 100 to 600km, travelling over 85, 000 kilometres every month to transport more than 1,000,000 tons of coal annually – that is double the circumference of the world!