When you have fertilizer import demands Connect with Mac Transco


Welcome to the information highway in freight – The international leaders in fertilizer import for South African businesses.

As a professional supplier, your company has to offer clientele a guaranteed supply of fertilizer, and thus you must depend on the speedy bulk importation of a freight company – And this is why Mac Transco is the better option in fertilizer import solutions. We reliably supply a dependable transportation services to especially the mining sectors and the cross-border transportation industry.

As the leader in freight import and export, we offer the widest options in our distinguished solutions within various specialized areas, ranging from maize export, container depot facilities, long distance general transport, cement export and import, industrial property development, fertilizer imports, clearing debris and materials at border posts, earth moving, warehouse facilities, road maintenance and of course, coal export and import, bulk train transport and so much more…

For complete expertise and professionalism in fertilizer import, you have to consider the fact that Mac Transco confidently vaunts with more than 20 years of successful business expertise, which subsequently has created a logo that is widely synonymous with reliable, affordable and customer-centered long distance transport in Southern Africa and beyond our national borders.

Do you realize that when we say the leaders in SA, that we travel an incredible 100 to 600km for each client, delivering over 1,000,000 tons of coal annually, with a combined total of more than 85, 000 kilometres driven each and every month? That is Mac Transco brilliance!