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Welcome to the information highway in freight – The international bulk transport company in South Africa with distinguished solutions in cement export and import, bulk train transport, long distance general transport, industrial property development, clearing debris and materials at border posts, road maintenance, container depot facilities, warehouse facilities, earth moving, bulk transport of any weight, and of course, cross-border transport of fertilizer and maize and so much more – Mac Transco.

As a professional business, you need to depend on a quality service from an internationally respected company in freight. It is crucial that you demand an unmatched level of expertise, gained from many years of experience in cement export and larger transport and storage services, to guarantee that your business gets your valuable product on time, anywhere in South Africa, in the same quantity and quality. Yes, when you think about cement export, or any other international freight – connect with Mac Transco.

Why – need more information – well consider the fact that Mac Transco has been serving hundreds of satisfied clientele in the execution of thousands of projects for more than 20 years, and that we cover an impressive 85, 000 kilometres monthly when delivering bulk freight. Yes, we transport more than 1,000,000 tons of coal every year, and that is why we are considered the well-founded company that offers a wonderfully customised solution in cement export and storage at advanced facilities with well-maintained equipment and a host of dedicated staff...