For exceptional freight and warehouse managing – Affiliate with Mac Transco



Welcome to the information highway in freight – or rather the warehouse managing centre – Mac Transco. So you are in need of a sophisticated warehouse managing company to handle your freight storage? Well Mac Transco is truly a freight empire in South Africa with over 1,000,000 tons of coal transported a year across 85,000 kilometres per month, for the past 25 years of freight success. Yes, with the impressive warehouse managing statistics from Mac Transco, why not visit our website today through the link,, today?

Did you know that Mac Transco is so much more than a warehouse managing company? Yes, we are an all-round  freight logistics company that caters to many industries in south Africa and beyond, including  bulk transport, road maintenance, warehouse facilities, earth moving, container depot, clearing at border posts, industrial property development and long distance general transport, as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, and much more…

Some of our largest contracts are the Exxaro mine Thsikondeni and the Exxaro Resources Grootegeluk:

-          EXXARO recourses from the Tshikondeni mine;

-          Run of mine;

-          Transport of final product ;

-          Private siding;

-          To mention but a few.

Some of the services that we offer from our facilities and depots in our warehouse managing solutions include:

-          Comprehensive workshop for extensive truck maintenance, as well as underground diesel bunkers;

-          Fully staffed administrative offices;

-          Helicopter landing pads for emergency services;

-          6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility with railway siding for up to 40 000 tons per month;