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Welcome to the information highway – or rather the fleet managing centre – Mac Transco. When your business needs the expertise of a massive international freight logistics company, Mac Transco is a name synonymous with quality fleet managing, extensive freight possibilities and customised services all at exceptional prices – So why not visit our informative website through the link,

Did you know that our extensive network of highways and byways carry approximately 80% of all national freight? Furthermore, 69% of this is hauled by companies through the normal deliveries of their business, and a massive 29% by road freight companies like Mac Transco.

Mac Transco boasts the following:

-          A highly educated and experienced team in management that guarantees professionalism and passion in every project;

-          An integrated network of several warehouse storage facilities for extended freight solutions;

-          An extensive fleet of trucks, which are all state of the art and services on a regular basis – with an extensive fleet managing system in place;

-          World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics;

-          Internationally updated software, ensuring successful in integrated and efficient freight logistics in SA and beyond our national borders;

-          To mention but a few impressive aspects of our renowned company.

More about Mac Transco:

Over two decades ago in 1982, our founding father, Follie van Zyl, realized the vast opportunities in the fleet managing and freight logistics industry, and thus began marketing his vision into a mutually beneficial and rewarding business. - Messina Associated Carriers Group of Companies (MAC).