Searching for a company with reliable bulk transport handling services - Mac Transco


Welcome to the information highway in freight – Professionals with impressive bulk transport handling capabilities – Remember the name Mac Transco.

Are you in charge of maintaining a steady flow of your company’s products from the factories to the clients? Well then we are the right company to consider when interested in reliably affordably bulk transport handling. Mac Transco offers our valuable clientele solutions in transport and storage with well-maintained equipment and vehicles, state of the art facilities, dedicated staff as well as over 20 years of solid experience in the industry. So with such bulk transport handling capabilities and revolutionary solutions in South Africa, you can be assured of expert and thorough services to every transport demand.
Today, Mac Transco and our bulk transport handling contributions to the South African market has become a name, service and logo synonymous with expertise, quality, experience, and resilience to challenges. Some of our functional  bulk transport handling services include, container depot facilities, coal transport, road maintenance, warehouse facilities, bulk transport of any weight, clearing debris and materials at border posts, earth moving services, industrial property development, long distance general transport, as well as the import and cross-border transport of tons of maize, fertilizer and cement, to list but a few…
A final note of importance regarding our sophisticated bulk transport handling is one of logistics - Mac Transco confidently handles over 1,000,000 tons of coal annually over South Africa’s road networks, by successfully travelling 85, 000 kilometres every month - That is double the circumference of the earth.
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