For better storage in container depots – contact MACTRANSCO

Trying to be the best company in whatever market is almost an art. It takes years of dedication, endless hours, passionate staff that will carry the company into the future, and crucially, a loyal company that will handle all of your company’s container depot storage and logistics requirements both efficiently and expertly. There is such a revolutionary company that offers an over all freight logistics and container depot storage solutions at affordable rates. MACTRANSCO is the company to approach when in search for the best road hauling and storage services.

MACTRANSCO has from the beginning endeavored to position itself as an all-round freight logistics provider, rather than just focusing on selective transport solutions, like so many other companies. Our comprehensive services include: Clearing at border posts, Earth moving, warehouse facilities, Road maintenance, bulk transport, container depot, long distance general transport and industrial property development; as well as the import and export of coal, fertilizer, cement, maize, etc. We encourage all of our prospective clientele to do their research first, and when they do, they always find that MACTRANSCO is an in-demand, reputable, and affordable brand name, which continually maintains an excellent reputation with each and every one of our valuable clientele.

Facilities and container depot:

MACTRANSCO has complete and modern workshop for truck maintenance, trailer rebuilding, and tire fitting as well as underground diesel bunkers; administrative offices; helicopter landing pads to ensure that our personnel get where thy need to be quickly; Railway siding for bulk material that currently handles over 40 000 tons per month; 6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility and container depots with railway siding; Over 70 ha of industrial ground for further development; and the magnetite bunker at Grootegeluk Mine.

Come to MACTRANSCO for the best possible container depots in the country. We have over twenty-five years of success in the transportation and storage industry, and collectively our experience totals over 250 years. Our customers are continually impressed and satisfied, so what reasons are there not to try MACTRANSCO’s revolutionary services. - visit our website today.